Morning Dew drops

January 27, 2013

I’m in the mood for spring. I hope you enjoy this refreshing wallpaper.

Minimal Design Wallpaper

December 16, 2012

A follow-up of the ‘Entering SKyCity’ wallpaper, based on the same Bryce-scene.

Mushroom Kingdom

October 20, 2012

After a nice walk in the forest this fall, we discovered a whole bunch of mushrooms growing in the wild… Additional wallpaper after the break.

Miniature New-York City

September 30, 2012

Tilt-shift effect done in Photoshop. Alas, camera didn’t allow a better resolution.
Featured on a book cover in the US!

The Network

September 30, 2012

To celebrate my new portfolio website, I remade the older Wirez-wallpaper into a new and refreshed colourful look. The Bryce and Photoshop files still open up a world of varieties!

Crystal Cave

September 30, 2012

Rendered in Bryce, postprocessing done in Photoshop. Full resolution: 3600×2025. Featured on!


September 29, 2012

The goal was to create a fractalized atom-structure.

Shattered IceCubes

September 29, 2012

A glassy effect rendered in Bryce, barely or no post-processing done.

Dreamy Sky

September 29, 2012

Shot in Denmark, on a boat… What more can I say.

Dew Leaves

September 29, 2012

A Fresh wallpaper for those who want some green in their life. Made in Barcelona.

The long Journey home

September 29, 2012

This poor lonesome beetle had quite a few kilometers to go…

Strangeled wires

September 29, 2012

A pretty basic render in Bryce, but makes a clean, minimalistic wallpaper.

Summer flower

September 29, 2012

A warm image, made in the summer. Makes you feel like you’re in my backyard!

Le Petit Arc De Triomphe, Paris

September 28, 2012

Another Tilt-Shift effect, this time in Paris, France. Shot taken from the Eiffel Tower, post-processing done in Photoshop.